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04/04/10 04:40 PM #1    

Wendi Waites (Vermaelen)

I hope everyone had a great time at the reunion! I was so glad to see all who attended. I know I had a wonderful time visiting, eating, and dancing. Post your most remembered moment of the reunion, so we can continue the laughs!

I had so many it would be hard to choose one. I loved Greg slow dancing with his beautiful wife, and as he turned we all could see her heels tucked into his back pocket.

I enjoyed the awards and accomplishments as well. I still have Lynesa's accomplishments on my refrigerator as a "goal" for the next reunion.
-married to a ______ for 19 years.
-divorced the _______
-met and married my soulmate.
-got my master's degree.
We'll see :)

04/07/10 04:29 PM #2    

Micki Herboldsheimer (Johnson)


I had a great time reuniting with a good number of our class mates too!

I really think some sort of cruise, whether it is just up the Mississippi or in the Gulf, for our 25th would be an excellent idea. Maybe some of our classmates would know of a ship/boat to charter and we can get more specific and a price/account to have $$ at least 6 months before the sail date?

Y'all did an awesome job on this reunion! I'm sorry I missed the "accomplishment" form...mine would have been:

"Attended college for 1 year, moved away...started
working on my 3-page resume.
Moved back.
Went back to college for 2 years and continued working
on the 2nd page of my resume.
Had 1st child (the reason I missed our 10th reunion)
Started working on the 3rd page of resume.
Got married to an ________.
2 more kids.
Filed for divorce from said _________.
Enrolled in school....again.
_______ changed and is now the wonderful person I met,
and we are together again (but I am the demanding
b____ now...trying hard not to be...we'll see :)"

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